Our Approach

We work with healthcare product companies, academia and inventors to structure investments that create long-term value for both our business partners and our investors. We can invest at any point in the life cycle of a marketed product, from launch to mature, post-IP expiration. Our transactions enable our counterparties to invest in higher return activities such as acquiring new technologies, financing development projects and funding additional working capital needs.

We seek to fill a void in the capital markets. We believe traditional equity sources of capital are oftentimes too expensive for owners of proven intellectual property, requiring substantial dilution to a product’s future potential. In many cases, bank financing, which traditionally requires pledged collateral to fit within many constraints, is also not a practical capital solution due to its many restrictive conditions.

Our healthcare focus affords us a deep understanding of the value of life science business models and intellectual property, allowing us to see value where others cannot. We tailor our financing solutions to each situation with the goal of preserving our partners’ ownership interests. In addition, our structures provide liquidity today, leveraging a product’s future potential while also reducing its future commercial risk.

Though we have the capability to execute transactions of all sizes, we specialize in sub-$50 million opportunities that other structured finance investors traditionally consider “too small”.