Creative Capital Solutions

The combination of our long-term investment strategy, permanent capital base, flexible mandate, and lack of regulatory constraints faced by traditional banks allows us to tailor each investment structure to meet the needs of our partners.

Structured Debt Financings

Structured debt financings are recourse obligations of the issuer. For growth companies with commercialized products, structured debt provides a more flexible source of credit capital than traditional lending institutions will typically offer.

Synthetic Royalties / Revenue Interests

In a synthetic royalty transaction, SWK purchases a new royalty interest in an existing revenue stream from the marketer.

Traditional Royalty Monetization

Royalty monetizations allow royalty owners to receive upfront capital in exchange for their expected future royalty payments. These financings can entail either the sale of all or a portion of the royalty stream, or can take the form of a non-recourse loan if the royalty owner wants to maintain the future cash flows after the loan is repaid. In either case, the royalty owner receives liquidity today and reduces or eliminates entirely the commercial risk of the product.

Asset Purchase

In select situations, SWK will partner with an experienced operator to purchase and market an existing product.

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